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About Us

Scandinavian Expat LLC provides companies with all the services they need to help expatriate employees and their families integrate successfully into New York life.
Moving personnel abroad is often highly beneficial for companies and exciting for employees.  But it’s also a major investment for businesses and, if not handled correctly, can be expensive and difficult for companies, expatriates, and their families. Scandinavian Expat ensures relocation and integration are seamless, smooth, and as simple as possible, saving time and money for businesses and employees.

From finding a home, to adapting to a new workplace culture, to navigating government agencies and financial institutions, to finding schools, friends, and social activities, Scandinavian Expat helps expatriates do it all. Companies that connect their employees with Scandinavian Expat guarantee those employees have the support they need before and during relocation to transition successfully, feel at home in New York, and work productively from the start of their stay. We are mainly focusing on Scandinavian companies and we are also offering our service to other expats in New York, coming from countries all over the world.

Meet Us

As an accompanying spouse to an expatriate employee from Sweden, Kristin Bjork has experienced first-hand the time and effort it takes to adapt to the American system and build a life in New York City. She found housing and schools, has built social networks, worked, and added to her family in New York. It was not always easy without guidance. But now with Judith Trezza, a true “New Yorker” as a part of the business, we have the experience and expertise necessary to help others feel welcome, enjoy their transitions, and build the lives they want in New York City.

Our Services

  • Relocation Services

  • Immigration

  • Job Advice

  • Business Administration

  • Schools and Childcare

  • Social Networking

  • Healthcare and Insurance

84% of expats feel their companies could have helped them more during their relocation processes *

* Results from an online survey of 49 expats conducted by Scandinavian Expat in Spring, 2016.