How we started

When the co-founders Kristin and Gabriella moved to New York, we faced countless challenges getting settled. We wished we could find the services Scandinavian Expat provides. Once we realized we had learned enough through our own searching and hard work to provide these services ourselves, doing so became our mission. We founded Scandinavian Expat with the desire to make it simple and easy for Scandinavian companies to relocate staff (with or without partners and families) to New York City.

A successful integration for the employee and their partners and families is important both for the employee and the employer. A smooth transition leaves more time for the employee to concentrate on his/her new job. When they aren’t stressed about relocation details and acclimating their families, employees experience higher job satisfaction and remain motivated to stay on site in New York.

The importance of having someone who really knows New York from different perspectives, was one of the reasons why Judith Trezza joined the business. Judith gained knowledge and valuable experience from growing up in Brooklyn, Long Island, studying here and abroad and later having a family and living in almost all the neighbor hoods around NYC. Her eight years living in Sweden has given her an interest and an understanding of the Scandinavian culture which was important when the decision of joining Scandinavian Expat was made.